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Mayfield Books was established in 1995 to publish books on horology to the highest standards of scholarship and design. To date there are twenty titles, all providing authoritative information based on original study by authors who are the leaders in their subject, and they are all based on many years of meticulous research and/or experience. Where appropriate our books are printed on matt art paper by printers who specialise in producing high quality books. Readers expect good detailed photographs of clocks, watches, horological ephemera and related items, and these are all to be found in the publications by Mayfield Books, and some are in colour. All our books have a hardback binding with a full-colour laminated dust jacket or cover. They are the standard reference works on their subjects.

Many horological books in the past have suffered by amateurish self-publishing by well-meaning authors who know their subject, but not how to design and publish books to the standards that are expected by today’s readers, nor do they understand the complexitites of the retail book trade. Mayfield Books is run by John Robey, who has had nearly forty years’ experence in publishing, editing and designing non-fiction books. Together with a wide interest in researching, writing about and restoring antique clocks for over twenty-five years, this makes an ideal combination for publishing books on clocks, watches and their makers. Mayfield Books has a reputation as the leading specialist publisher in Britain (maybe the World?) on the fascinating subject of horology.

In 2008 John Robey was awarded the Barratt Silver Medal by the British Horological Institute for his research, writing and horological publishing.

Recent publications include
The Art of the Painted Clock Dial by M. F. Tennant. With its large format, numerous quality colour illustrations and the results of the latest research on dialmakers, it is destined to become the standard work on the subject. The Quaker Clockmakers of North Oxfordshire by Tim Marshall tells the fascinating story of the Gilkes family and other local clockmakers who produced the much-collected hoop-and-spike clocks with their characteristic ‘wrigglework’ dials.

NEW Sec0nd-hand books on a wide range of non-fiction topics: horology, antiques, industrial archaeology, local, history. New titles will be added at frequently so check regularly.

Important Notice Regarding Mayfield Books & Gifts
There is NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER with Mayfield Books & Gifts of Sheffield, formerly Northern Maps, who have recently changed their name without consultation or checking that this name was already in use by a publisher established for over 20 years.

Titles Currently Available:
Practical Books
Restoring Musical Boxes & Musical Clocks by Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume

Books on Types of Clocks
The Longcase Clack Reference Book by John Robey
Lantern Clocks & Their Makers by Brian Loomes
The Musical Clock by Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume
Weight-Driven Dutch Clocks & Their Japanese Connections by Ernest L. Edwardes

Books on Clockmakers & Watchmakers
These books are very useful for researching the family history of those involved in the clock and watch trade, and often include the genealogy of clockmakers and watchmakers.

Clockmakers of Britain 1286-1700 by Brian Loomes
Clockmakers of Northern England by Brian Loomes
Clockmakers & Watchmakers of Central England by J. McKenna
Clockmakers & Watchmakers of Scotland by Donald Whyte
Greater Manchester Clocks & Clockmakers by Edmund Davies
Herefordshire Clockmakers & Watchmakers by Tony Branston & John Eisel
Kent Clocks & Clockmakers by Michael Pearson
Potts of Leeds by Michael S. Potts
The Quaker Clockmakers of North Oxfordshire by Tim Marshall
Wales Clocks & Clockmakers by William Linnard

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