Out of Print Titles

The following titles published by Mayfield Books are now out ot print, and except where stated, there are currently no plans for them to be reissued:

British Clockmakers & Watchmakers Apprentice Records 1710-1810, by Dennis Moore (published 2003)

Clockmakers & Watchmakers of Derbyshire, by Roy G. Hughes & Maxwell Craven (published 1998)

John Whitehurst of Derby, Clockmaker & Scientist, 1713-88, by Maxwell Craven (published 1996)

Mercer Chronometers, History, Repair & Maintenance, by Tony Mercer (published 2003)

Ormskirk Clockmakers & Watchmakers
, by Anthony Daly (published 2006)

Practical Clock Escapements
, by Laurie Penman (published 1998, reprinted 2002). Copies still available from Merritts in the USA.

Railway Clocks, by Ian Lyman (published 2004)