Out of Print Titles

The following titles published by Mayfield Books are now out ot print, and there are currently no plans for them to be reprinted.
Copies of these books can be supplied as
digital PDF files that can be viewed on a computer or printed for personal use. They can be sent for downloading using WeTransfer or supplied on a CD. To order contact Mayfield Books.
The titles currently available are shown below. All the other titles will be made available subject to demand. (Note: due to minor variations in fonts some pages may not correspond exactly to the printed editions, but all the text and information is identical.)

British Clockmakers & Watchmakers Apprentice Records 1710-1810, by Dennis Moore (published 2003). PDF £35

Clockmakers & Watchmakers of Derbyshire, by Roy G. Hughes & Maxwell Craven (published 1998)

John Whitehurst of Derby, Clockmaker & Scientist, 1713-88, by Maxwell Craven (published 1996)

Mercer Chronometers, History, Repair & Maintenance, by Tony Mercer (published 2003)

Ormskirk Clockmakers & Watchmakers
, by Anthony Daly (published 2006)

Practical Clock Escapements
, by Laurie Penman (published 1998, reprinted 2002). Copies still available from Merritts in the USA.

Railway Clocks, by Ian Lyman (published 2004). PDF £30