Second-Hand Books

Books for sale on a wide range of non-fiction subjects. They are all in good condition (except where stated) and many are in mint condition. Please contact John Robey for postage costs.


The Best of J. E. Coleman Clockmaker, Orville R. Hagens (editor), 1979, hardback with laminated dustjacket, reprinted 2002, 536 pages, numerous B/W photos and diagrams. MINT £25

Clocks, John Hunter, 1991hardback with laminated dustjacket, 160 pages, numerous colour & B/W photos. MINT £5

American Clocks for the Collector, E. J. Tyler1981, hardback with laminated dustjacket, 209 pages, numerous B/W & colour photos £6


The Windsor Chair, Ivan Sparkes, 1975, hardback with dustjacket, 143pp, B&W photos throughout, GOOD, £25

English Furniture, Stan Learoyd,1981, hardback with laminated dustjacket, 128pp, B&W photos throughout, MINT, £10

Masterpieces of English Furniture and Clocks
, R. W. Symonds, 19786, hardback with laminated dustjacket, 174pp, 131 B&W photos + 8 colour plates, MINT £5

Gazebos and other garden structure designs
, Janet A & Richard H Strombeckn, 1983,paperback with laminated covers, 96pp, B&W drawings throughout, GOOD, £5

Woodworking Tools (Christie’s Collectors Guides)
, Christopher Proudfoot & Philip Walker, 1984, hardback with laminated dustjacket, 160 pages, 152 B/W and colour photos. MINT £8

American Woodworking Tools, Paul B. Kebabian & Dudley Witney, 1978, hardback with laminated dustjacket, 213 pages, 167 B/W photos and 20 colour photos. MINT £15

The Furniture of Historic Deerfield, Dean A. Fales, 1976, hardback with laminated dustjacket, 294 pages, 578 B/W photos. MINT £15

Furniture of the World, Peter Philip, 1978, hardback with laminated dustjacket, 128 pages, colour and B/W photos throughout. MINT £8

The National Trust Book of Great Houses of Britain, Nigel Nicholson, 1978, hardback with laminated dustjacket, B/W and colour photos throughout £5

Burke’s Guide to Country Houses, Volume 1: Ireland, Mark Bence-Jones, 1978, hardback with laminated dustjacket, 305 pages, B/W photos throughout. MINT £50

Historic Houses of Britain, Mark Girouard, 1979, hardback with laminated dustjacket, 185 pages, colour photos throughout £5

The Country House in Perspective, Gervase Jackson-Stops, 1990, hardback with laminated dustjacket, 160 pages, colour & B/W illustrations throughout. MINT £5

Treasures of Chatsworth, A private view, The Duchess of Devonshire, 1991, hardback with laminated dustjacket, 240 pages, colour photos throughout. MINT £5

The Coleman Collection of Silver Mustard Pots, anon, 1979, hardback with laminated dustjacket143 pages, 165 B/W photos + numerous photos of hallmarks. MINT £5

Industrial Archaeology & History

A Guide to Stationary Steam Engines, G. Hayes, 1981 (1st edition), hardback with laminated dustjacket, 160 pages, B/W photos throughout. MINT £5

The Steam Engine in Industry, George Watkins
Mining and the Metal Trades, 1994, paperback with laminated covers, 128 pages, 122 B/W photos. MINT £10

A Canalside Camera 1845-1930, Michael E. Ware, 1975, hardback with laminated dustjacket, 116 pages, 115 B/W photos. £5

The Nottinghamshire Coalfield 1881-1981, A Century of Progress, A. R. Griffin, 1981, hardback with laminated covers, 147 B/W photos. £5

Engineering, Technology and Workshop Pracrice (mainly 19th & early 20th century)

Workshop Practice, F Johnstone Taylor, 1935, hardback, 759pp, 542 illustratiions, £10

Modern Workshop Technology, Part II, Machine Tools and Metrology, H. Wright Baker, 1950, hardback with jacket, 514pp, 295 illustrations, £25

The Theory of Machines, Thomas Bevan, 1942, hardback, 549pp, numerous diagrams, £5

Die Design and Diemaking Practice, Franklin D. Jones, 1930, hardback, 921pp, numerous diagrams, £15Buck and Hickman,

General Catalogue of Tools and Supplies, Buck & Hickman, 1935, 1,157pp, thousands of illustrations of virtually every type of tool, £50

Hallmac Tools Catalogue, no date 1950/60s?, hardback, 188pp, numerous illustrations, £30

Principles of Machine Construction, Vol II Plates, Edward Tomkins, [c1886], hardback, 48 plates including many of complete machine tools and engines. Plus 9 miscellaneous plates of beam engines, minerals, etc. £20

Machine Drawing, Thomas Jones, 9th edition 1904, approx 96pp, 44 plates some coloured, £30

Amateur Mechanical Society, Quarterly Journal, Vol 1, 1871-2, 344pp illustrated with line drawings, £10

Pumps and Pumping, M. Powis Bale, 1906, 123pp + 32pp list ofd technical books, 25

The Centrifugal Pump, Turbines and Water Motors, Charles H. Innes, 1904, 314, pp, 276 illustrations, £20

Engineering Workshop Practice, Arthur W. Judge, [c1940], 3 volumes, total 923pp, 991 illustrations, £35

Cyclopaedia of Useful Arts, Manufactures, Mining, and Engineering, Charles Tomlinson, 1866, 3 volumes bound as 8 parts, total, 2,539 pages, 3,036 illustrationst + 63 plates, corners slightly worn, front cover of part 1 becoming loose, £180 for all 8 parts