Clockmakers & Watchmakers of

Birmingham • Covemtry• Warwickshire • Worcestershire • Staffordshire

by Joseph McKenna
This book is a detailed study of clockmaking and watchmaking in Birmingham and Coventry and the three surrounding counties of Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Staffordshire. Birmingham was an important centre for the trade, as well as making clocks and watches, numerous small workshops made parts such as bells, springs and hands for clocks, as well as cases, chains, keys, glasses and springs for watches. The painted clock dial was first developed in Birmingham and it was the largest producer of these dials in Britain. There is much new information on all these subsidiary trades. Coventry was a very important centre of watchmaking, and the rise and decline of the industry is discussed. Documentary evidence for the early church clocks in each of the three counties is covered, while the major part of the book gives full details of all the known clockmakers and watchmakers.

Clockmaking & Watchmakers of Birmingham
Birmingham Dialmakers & Subsidiary Clock & Watch Trades
Clockmaking & Watchmaking in Coventry
Clockmaking & Watchmaking in Warwickshire
Clockmaking in Worcestershire
Clockmaking & Watchmaking in Staffordshire
Clockmaking & Watchmaking in The Black Country
Clockmakers & Watchmakers of Warwickshire, Worcestershire & Staffordshire
• Watchmakers' & Clockmakers' Trademarks
• Clockmakers & Watchmakers Listed by Town

The author
Joseph McKenna was a Senior Assistant Librarian in Birmingham Central Library, with special responsibilty for the Local Studies Collection. With his detailed knowledge of local sources, he is ideally qualified to research and compile this book.